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The Process / Why Kreps

The Process to Hire the Pharmacist Defense Attorneys. 

The Process to Hire the Pharmacist Defense Attorneys at Kreps Law Firm

When you are accused of a violation of pharmacy law in Alabama, there are generally three overlapping areas of legal repercussions. The alleged offense might be criminal, civil, or administrative. In most cases it will be more than one type. For instance, taking medication from the pharmacy might result in a charge of drug possession (criminal) and would also be an administrative charge (diversion) through the Alabama Board of Pharmacy (ALBP).

This overlap can also occur for civil matters because ‘fitness to practice’ also falls under the purview of the ALBP. This means that more than one policing authority may be active in your case as well as attorneys working on the liability side (either for an insurance agency or a private person). Furthermore, an offense not directly related to the practice of pharmacy, such as a DUI, may start an action against you with the ALBP under the their charge to monitor ‘good moral character’ ( Code of Alabama 1975, Sections 34-23-50 through 34-23-53). This should highlight why the services of an experienced Alabama Pharmacist Defense attorney are critical for case management.


Your first notice of a criminal action will probably be the presentation of a warrant and your arrest. This can be a shattering experience and the emotional blow makes you vulnerable to manipulation. It is essential in these circumstances to remain calm and invoke your rights. Primarily, the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present during questioning.

After arrest, alleged offenders are transported to a holding facility and in-processed. Finger prints and photographs will be taken, your personal property will be stored (your car may be impounded) and you will be held until you appear before a magistrate who will set bail. This may take a day or two if you are arrested over the weekend. At the arraignment, the charges against you will be read and you will have an opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty. Your attorney will advise you on this. The court will set a date for a hearing and, if you are able to post the required bond, you will be released.


The first notice you are likely to receive for a civil action against you is a subpoena – either for records or to appear for a deposition. Your lawyer will be able to best guide you in how to respond to a subpoena.
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The ALBP is responsible for administering the pharmacy profession in Alabama. They have broad authority to suspend or revoke pharmacy, pharmacist and pharmacy technician licenses. If a charge or complaint is filed against you, a drug inspector working for the ALBP will investigate to determine what action should be taken. The Board may suspend your license pending investigation or at the recommendation of an inspector. Drug inspectors may issue citations or institute criminal proceedings.

If disciplinary action is warranted, the ALBP will schedule a hearing on the matter. The possible results of hearing are: charges unfounded, license suspension, or license revocation. They are also empowered to put a pharmacist on probation, subject to terms the Board deems necessary.


Violations of the Pharmacy laws in effect in Alabama can result in not only loss (or suspension) of license, but also criminal charges. It is important to retain legal representation as early as possible in the process. An experienced attorney can weigh the merits of any particular case and provide needed advice.

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Attorney Kreps maintains membership with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association and the American Association for Justice. Additionally, Kreps is a member of the Alabama Association for Justice. 

Let Kreps Law Firm defend your Alabama Pharmacy case. Kreps Law Firm, LLC is located at 502 Montgomery Highway, Suite 202, in Birmingham, Alabama, within minutes of the headquarters for the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy. Initial consultation is confidential and free. Call TODAY to make an appointment: (866) 348-2889.