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National Poll on Healthy Aging Offers Older Adults’ Perspectives on Medical Marijuana to Control Pain – APhA submits compounding comments to FDA. – (866) 348-2889.

One out of five older adults who are between 50-80 years old reported that their primary health care provider has asked whether they use marijuana, according to the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging. In October 2017, a national sample of older adults were surveyed about marijuana use for medical purposes, its perceived benefits, perception of how marijuana compares to prescription pain medicine, and support for marijuana-related policies.

Older adults appear to be open to asking about medical marijuana if they have a serious health condition that might respond to marijuana. When asked whether they would ask their health care provider about medical marijuana if they had a serious health condition that might respond well to marijuana use, 44% of respondents said definitely yes, 26% said probably yes, 13% said they would not ask, and 17% said they do not know if they would ask.