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Alabama Pharmacist Defense Lawyer – Board of Pharmacy Matter Pending?  We Can Help – Court Grants Temporary Injunction Against OK Compounding – (866) 348-2889

On August 29, 2013, the District Court of Tulsa County in the state of Oklahoma granted a temporary injunction to enjoin the defendants, including Christopher Parks and OK Compounding, LLC (collectively, OK Compounding), from engaging in certain conduct in connection with plaintiff Rush University Medical Center (Rush). Among other things, the temporary injunction prohibits OK Compounding from representing that Rush approves its products or services, is affiliated with OK Compounding, or is associated with a topical pain cream research study purportedly being conducted by OK Compounding. OK Compounding, located in Skiatook, OK, allegedly partnered with Rush, located in Chicago, IL, in a pain cream research study. Further, OK Compounding had purportedly enrolled patients in the study. Rush denied any association with OK Compounding or its alleged study about topical pain medication. Rush and OK Compounding agreed to the temporary injunction.
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