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Kreps Law Firm, LLC – Alabama Pharmacist Defense Attorney How We Can Help You?

From the moment of arrest [or notification from the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy (] your attorney is an essential element of your defense. Remember, it isn’t the facts alone that determine what the outcome of your case will be, it is the facts that are presented and those that can be proven. Right from the outset, your Birmingham, Alabama Pharmacist Defense lawyer will be guiding you through a minefield of avoidable errors – everything from advising you on when and how to respond to official notifications and requests (as well as questioning) to examining the case against you with a practiced eye, determining the merits and weaknesses while explaining your options and likely outcomes.

A Pharmacy Technician Defense lawyer acting on your behalf is as much a case manager as you were when practicing pharmacy. Expertise and experience are indispensable. And just as each patient you advised came with unique circumstances that required thoughtful analysis, so too will your Alabama Pharmacist Criminal Charges Defense Attorney evaluate your legal position and your specific situation..

A Proactive Approach

Our Philosophy in these type cases is very proactive. We will review your charges, claims or potential charges and make recommendations on the best course of action for you to be as proactive as possible. For example, what can you do to demonstrate your character in the period between a charge and the final disposition? Would applying for a program for impaired or addicted pharmacists help your standing? What about Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings? What about getting employment outside of pharmacy? What will the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy be looking for?
Our initial consultation is confidential and free. Call us today to discuss your case (866) 348-2889.

Important Decisions to be Made

Should you admit that the allegations are true or not? Does your case merit a trial or could a plea bargain help you best? Do you have criminal charges pending or is the matter only before the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy? Your attorney will help you with all of these questions and more.

There are many examples as to why you need to contact an Alabama Pharmacist or Pharmacy Board Defense attorney as soon as possible. One example could be of a pharmacist who didn’t consult an attorney when presented with a subpoena to appear at a disposition with ‘all records of medications for Mrs. Jones.’ The naïve pharmacist called the lawyer who had issued the subpoena and was told it was OK to just send the records so that he wouldn’t have to appear in person.

Guess what? A month after sending the records, a notification is possible of a civil lawsuit and a possible Board of Pharmacy citation for releasing records without a patient’s permission. The records had been sent to Mr. Jones’ attorney, who was handling Mr Jones’ side of a divorce proceeding. While the lawyer could compel the pharmacist to show up and bring the records with him, if he had, Mrs. Jones’ attorney would have prevented them from being turned over.

The legal system is a minefield. Only a licensed attorney can represent your interests well and prevent you from being victimized by procedural issues whether through the Alabama criminal Courts or the Administrative process through the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy.

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The attorneys at Kreps Law Firm, LLC stand ready, willing, and able to defend your Alabama Pharmacy Board matter and your criminal charges. Kreps Law Firm, LLC is located at 502 Montgomery Highway, Suite 202, in Birmingham, Alabama less than 5 miles from the State Board of Pharmacy Alabama Headquarters. Our initial consultation is confidential and free.