Health Systems Share Their Approaches to Improve Patient Engagement – APhA submits compounding comments to FDA.

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Health Systems Share Their Approaches to Improve Patient Engagement – APhA submits compounding comments to FDA. – (866) 348-2889.

Health systems are actively developing consumer technologies to help patients better manage their health, and a recent report involving several of these health systems revealed some novel ways to accomplish this goal.  Using patient-centered health care technologies, these health sytems were able to deliver positive measurable outcomes for patients, researchers reported in the March issue of Health Affairs.

In one example cited in the paper, officials with Ochsner Health System reported using their online patient portal to help treat hypertension with a novel digital medicine program that combined patient-reported blood pressure data, clinical data, and coaching.  Outcomes showed that medication adherence among patients improved 14% while 79% achieved greater blood pressure control. Overall, clinicians saw a 29 percent reduction in clinic visits.


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